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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Rinicare’s corporate social responsibility is driven by high business ethics, company values and legislation. We are responsible not only to our shareholders, but also to our customers, employees, the communities where we do business and the environment in which we all live.

Rinicare is committed to operating responsibly in all of its economic, social and environmental activities. Our economic growth brings value to our stakeholders while supporting our environmental and social responsibility.

The key points of our strategy to achieve environmental excellence are:

  • Reduction of waste through evaluation of our operations and by ensuring that environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives are selected.

  • Reduction of in-office energy consumption by educating employees to become more energy aware, especially by promoting a “˜switch-off when not in use” policy for electronic devices, heating and lighting.

  • Reduction of indirect CO2 emissions by avoiding unnecessary business travelling and promoting use of public transport, where possible.

  • Active encouragement of employees to use green methods of transport to and from the workplace.

  • Active promotion of recycling (both waste and reuse of materials) internally and among our customers and suppliers.

  • Commitment to comply with relevant environmental legislation and other governmental guidance.


Terms and Conditions

A copy of Rinicare’s standard Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.