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Company Profile

Rinicare Ltd is a Lancaster based (UK) SME that brings state-of-the-art technological solutions for healthcare applications. Research solutions provided by Rinicare utilise the latest information and communications technologies and provide a solid foundation for enhancing its users’ quality of life. Ultimately, Rinicare’s goal is to design innovative, hospital grade medically certified technologies aimed at both improving patient outcomes and alleviating pressure on healthcare budgets.

Healthcare providers around the world face the challenge of maintaining sustainable healthcare systems in light of an ageing population and continuously increasing costs. Rinicare’s approach to addressing these challenges is based on a collaborative effort with end users, including University Hospital of South Manchester to design advanced wireless communications, innovative prediction algorithms and enhanced software technology solutions.

As a member of the Rinicom Group, Rinicare Ltd also benefits from ground-breaking technologies for professional security applications, which contribute to the reinforcement of Rinicare’s integrated solutions.


Mission Statement

“To become the leading provider of state-of-the-art technological solutions for healthcare applications, enabling our customers to benefit from advanced remote healthcare solutions and patients to enjoy an improved quality of life.”