New Collaborative Project with UCLAN for Innovative Maternity Care Technology

Rinicare, in partnership with UCLan were recently awarded funding by Innovate UK for their Project STAR. Rinicare’s Smart Thermal Analytics Resource (STAR) along with UCLan expertise proposes to develop analytical software to interpret thermal images and video of the foetus aiming to reduce over diagnosis of foetal compromise and over-use of tests and procedures.
Maternity teams could use this software and data to understand and facilitate normal pregnancy and birth with reduced invasive and expensive interventions such as ultrasound, induction of labour, and Caesarean sections in the UK, and eventually globally. This could empower healthy women to choose a midwifery led birth place and so improve foetal and maternal health at birth, based on current Cochrane Collaboration evidence and NICE and WHO guidelines. The feasibility study will collect thermal images and develop software to reflect foetal activity and wellbeing. We will explore acceptability of this technology to women and clinicians in preparation for a larger study.
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