Rinicare Working in Partnership with Bluebird Healthcare

Rinicare is happy to announce, they will be working in partnership with Bluebird Healthcare over the coming months implementing Rinicare’s portable vital sign monitoring system, PRIME, into a care home environment. Bluebird healthcare assistants are now able to provide clinicians with remote patient reports detailing key data points such as temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and much more. The PRIME system even includes a small, portable ECG device enabling Bluebird healthcare assistants to send important ECG traces with accuracy and efficiency to a relevant specialist. Claire Evans, Franchise Manager for Lancaster and South Lakeland Bluebird Care, is pleased with the prospect of working with Rinicare;

“I think this opportunity is very exciting and I’m convinced there is a place for this specific technology in domiciliary care. We can improve the care we provide and also help the NHS better manage the cost of an ageing population”.

Sam Scott, Sales Manager for Rinicare, provided the Bluebird team with training and agreed that the opportunity is exciting and very positive for Rinicare, enabling them to expand their use case scenarios by trialling PRIME in a Care Setting, essentially closing the gap between carers and the NHS;

“It goes without saying that the NHS needs to evolve as time goes on and PRIME is the state-of-the-art solution that helps this process. By conducting routine but vital health checks and producing accurate reports as part of a standard domiciliary call, Bluebird have increased the scope of care they can offer. This may well result in fewer hospital admissions, people returning from the hospital sooner, better patient experiences and lower costs to the NHS - PRIME offers all of that”.

Further details of Rinicare’s products can be found here on our website (www.rinicare.com) and Twitter page (@Rinicare), we look forward to hearing from you! 

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