Rinicare Adwarded INNOVATE UK Feasibility Award for PRIME Phase 2 Project

Following on from their earlier success in 2014 with PRIME, continuous efforts were made to increase the exploitation and dissemination of PRIME and with positive feedback and endless interest from external parties, for example Horsebridge. Rinicare are confident this next phase will take them almost to market.

Rinicare's Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system II (PRIME II) proposes to develop a mobile health information and monitoring platform aimed to optimise patient pathways in pre-hospital healthcare and ambulance services' efficient performance. PRIME's Development of Prototype will design and implement intuitive and rich patient electronic forms (eForms) that integrates real-time continuous recordings of patients' vital signs and multimedia (written and audio notes, images and high-definition video), considering NHS requirements and the paramedics' mobile environment, procedures and workflow. PRIME eForms can be seamlessly shared with remote specialists (telehealth) to assist early and accurate assessment of patients' condition and the provision of treatment advice to paramedics on site and in the ambulance. PRIME innovation will impact pre-hospital healthcare on the ability to sustainably develop ambulance services and their increasingly active role in healthcare, improve patient satisfaction as well as the NHS new competitive nature, cost savings effort, paperless approach and integrated care vision, in the name of quality and excellence in healthcare delivery.

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