Rinicare Announces New PREDICTOR Project Funded by INNOVATE UK

In collaboration with clinicians and researchers at University Hospital of South Manchester, Rinicare will develop an innovative risk identification and monitoring system for cardiac-care patients. The PREDICTOR system will identify subtle trends in patients’ vital sign to alert clinicians if the risk of complication is increasing.

Postoperative complications represent a significant economic burden to healthcare systems. If identified and treated early, associated prolonged critical care stay and mortality would reduce dramatically. RINICARE proposes to address this opportunity with PREDICTOR, an innovative risk identification and monitoring system that produces continuous real-time risk scores, calibrated to the patient’s physiological data, to recognise even the most subtle signs of developing complications. PREDICTOR assists clinical staff to detect potential cardiac, renal, and respiratory complications in post-operative patients earlier, allowing prompt, preventive medical intervention that leads to marked improvements in hospital lengths of stay, morbidity and mortality rates and hospital care costs. This Feasibility Study aims to explore and assess PREDICTOR's commercial potential as a unique technology capable of dramatically improving patient’s healthcare and contributing to a sustainable NHS. Rinicare considers that, in the words of its Chief Operating Officer, Natasha McCrone, “the development of Predictor will enable Rinicare to exceed in the healthcare market, using new technologies to enhance existing systems”. Rinicare will partner with the University of Manchester and Durham University to collaborate on this exciting project with live trials already in progress at the University of South Manchester Hospital.

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