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Rinicare Ltd Successful in Phase 1 SME Instrumental award IRIS

Rinicare Ltd Successful in Phase 1 SME Instrumental award IRIS


Rinicare Ltd, a leading company in the research and development of state-of-the-art technology solutions for the healthcare sector, have announced they have been successful in attaining funding for an exciting new project: IRIS (Intensive-care Risk prediction and Identification System), funded by H2020.

The project officially started in May 2015; with a duration of 6 months Rinicare will complete a full feasibility study and business plan which will be integrated with Rinicare’s overall Business strategy.  The Feasibility Study – Phase 1 (IRIS-1) Project aims to assess the overall feasibility of the introduction of the Intensive-care Risk prediction and Identification System (IRIS), an innovative real-time patient monitoring and personalised risk prediction and identification system, into the healthcare sector. Thousands of surgery patients in Europe and worldwide die each year due to complications during the post- operative period and thousands more survive with disabilities, making the economic burden of post-operative complications in surgery patients amount to hundreds of millions of euros annually. It is widely accepted that early recognition of complications can reduce their severity and consequences: continuous patient monitoring systems and risk scoring systems are available but they lack suitability for patients in intensive care, trust calculations at time intervals, analyse solely a fraction of available patient data, cannot detect multi-dimensional trends, rely on arbitrary thresholds to generate alarms and cannot be customised for each patient. Thus, there are increased mortality rates and re-admission rates to hospital, contributing to the overwhelming financial and economic burden of public healthcare. Addressing serious morbidities, such as heart, renal and respiratory failures, and capable of surpassing human limitations in processing large volumes of patient data, IRIS is a real-time adaptive and dynamic patient monitoring and risk prediction and identification system, sensitive to variable interactions and capable of incorporating patient data to identify trends in individual patients’ physiological parameters that predict post- operative complications. Developed by RINICARE, IRIS will assist clinical staff to identify at an early stage serious complications in surgery patients, allowing a prompt medical intervention, thus improving the chance of a successful health outcome and contributing to the sustainability of the healthcare system.