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Rinicare supported student team from Lancaster University wins…

Rinicare supported student team from Lancaster University wins national China-UK Entrepreneurship challenge competition



CareForYou team: Elina Ioannou, Yue Zheng, Chia-Ming Kuo and Andrew Smith. Rinicare: Eric Carlson, Natasha Newton and Søren Udby

A team of MSc students from Lancaster University has won the annual national China-UK Entrepreneurship Challenge competition with a bid to use Rinicare’s PRIME system to facilitate healthcare in major cities in China. The China-UK Entrepreneur Challenge is developed by leading universities in the UK and China to bring together existing businesses and new student-led start-ups that are looking to develop commercial relationships and exploit market opportunities offered by new business collaborations between the two countries.

The student team created a concept and business plan called CareForYou that utilises Rinicare’s PRIME (Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system) system to provide improved healthcare via specially designed healthcare hubs in major cities such as Shanghai.

Prof. Garik Markarian, CEO of Rinicare: “I am proud that a team from Lancaster University has won the China-UK Challenge for the first time and that they have produced an innovative business plan for providing improved healthcare in China using Rinicare’s PRIME system. Rinicare is looking forward to further support the CareForYou project as the team now progresses to the international stage of the competition.”

The CareForYou team has been given the opportunity to network with high-level investors from both the UK and China to bring their winning business plan to fruition.

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