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Rinicare wins PRIME Project

Rinicare wins PRIME Project


Rinicare Ltd, a leading provider of state-of-the-art technology solutions for the healthcare sector, today announced they have been awarded the PRIME Project, under the aegis of the Technology Strategy Board.

The Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system (PRIME) Project aims to develop a mobile health information and monitoring platform that optimises patient pathways in pre-hospital healthcare and ambulance services’ efficient performance. The envisaged optimisation is empowered by an intuitive and rich patient electronic form (eForm) that integrates real-time continuous recordings of patients’ vital signs and multimedia data (written and audio notes, images and high-definition video). The PRIME eForm can be seamlessly shared with remote specialists (telehealth) for early and accurate assessment of patients’ condition and the provision of treatment advice to paramedics on site and in the ambulance.

Part of the Rinicom Holding Group, Rinicare considers that, in the words of its Director of Innovation, Marco Manso, “The PRIME innovation will impact pre-hospital healthcare clearly on the ability to sustainably develop ambulance services and demonstrate these services’ increasingly active role in healthcare”. Mr. Manso also took the opportunity to reinforce the instrumental relevance of the TSB support to Rinicare’s sustainable business strategy, by “empowering Rinicare to further explore its expertise and consolidate its intellectual property rights, in this new endeavour to innovate the quality and excellence of pre-hospital healthcare”.

For the innovative PRIME development, Rinicare benefits from the specialised counsel of a strong advisory board, comprising of representatives from the University Hospital of South Manchester, the North West Ambulance Services, the NHS Western Isles Board, the Air Rescue 24, the UK International Emergency Trauma Register and the South Manchester Accident Rescue Team.