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Student team from Lancaster University completes dissertation…

Student team from Lancaster University completes dissertation project at Rinicare









Student team: Yue Zhang, Andrew Smith, and Chia-Ming Kuo. From Rinicare: Eric Carlson and Søren Udby

A team of MSc Project Management students from Lancaster University has completed their three-month dissertation project for Rinicare. The team was challenged to make a project for researching the complex market for Inter-of-Things (IoT) connected healthcare devices to support Rinicare latest developments for the PRIME (Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system) system. The student team delivered 3 major reports providing valuable insights into the current state of IoT and the challenges facing companies entering this market.

Søren Udby, Project Manager at Rinicare: “The student team engaged actively with the project from the start and they managed the project very professionally to the delight of Rinicare. IoT is not an easy topic to understand in such a relatively short period of time, but I was really impressed by the student team and the quality of their deliverables. It is clear that they worked hard on this project, which will benefit Rinicare’s own expansion in the market for IoT connected healthcare devices.”

Rinicare Ltd is a Lancaster based (UK) SME that brings state-of-the-art technological solutions for healthcare applications. Research solutions provided by Rinicare utilise the latest information and communications technologies and provide a solid foundation for enhancing its users’ quality of life. Ultimately, Rinicare’s goal is to design innovative, hospital grade medically certified technologies aimed at both improving patient outcomes and alleviating pressure on healthcare budgets.

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