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Rinicare’s Mobile GP System


Rinicare’s Mobile GP PRIME System of wireless biometric sensors is a special compact edition of Rinicare PRIME (Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system) aimed at GPs, who currently spend hours every day typing up notes and journals from patient visits.

A truly modular healthcare platform

The Rinicare Mobile GP System contains a medical grade touchscreen tablet that runs Rinicare’s proprietary PRIME software. This enables the GP to add a series of wireless biometric sensors to the system based the current need. These sensors include a market leading 12-lead ECG, an automatic blood pressure monitor, SpO2 pulse oximeter, tympanic thermometer and a digital stethoscope. Additional sensors such as glucometers can also be added to the system if needed. All patient vital sign data is recorded and stored directly onto the tablet along with traditional journal information entered into the user-friendly NHS compliant e-Form. This data and information can then be transferred to the GP’s computer running the PRIME client application for easy access and record keeping.

Improved data management

The Mobile GP PRIME System reduces and in many cases removes the need for the GP to manually enter a large volume of information after each patient visit. The automatic recording of vital sign data also eliminates the risk of erroneous values being entered into the patient’s journal. This paperless approach to patient management will help improve the quality of care and help GPs deliver excellence for the benefits of both patients and the NHS.
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Case Report Peter House Surgery, Bolton