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prime pcl

Rinicare’s Portable Cardiovascular Lab (PCL) is a special edition of the Rinicare PRIME (Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system)focusing on cardiovascular monitoring. The system contains dual blood pressure monitors and dual SPo2 sensors, which can be displayed on the PRIME tablet simultaneously including the ratio between the two readings. The PCL system is designed to allow clinicians to take blood pressure and oxygen saturation readings from both the patient’s arm and leg at the same time. In addition to the dual sensors the PCL system utilises Rinicare’s market leading 12-lead wireless ECG for detailed vital signs information.

Real-time streaming of patients’ vital signs

The PCL system shares the same state of the art mobile platform as the core PRIME system. This allows for Cloud based vital signs monitoring, and remote critical decision-making support. The PCL’s innovative software allows for a patient’s vital signs to be securely streamed in real-time to a receiver, who can view the data using the PRIME client application.

Multimedia for improved communication

The medical grade touchscreen tablet also allows the user to record and send multimedia including photo and video to a receiver with the PRIME client application. This ensures that a remotely located clinician can access a detailed description of the patient in question without the need for a long and potentially incomplete written account. This improves patient care and safety, and it reduces the time to communicate for the clinicians. The real-time streaming of vital sign information also positively reduces the amount of travel necessary by specialist clinicians, which in turn improves their efficacy.

Smarter healthcare

The innovation of the PCL will positively impact both pre- and post-hospital healthcare by improving the quality and excellence of patient care to the benefit of both the patients, clinicians, and the NHS.