Revolutionary Fall Alert System

Real-time Monitoring

Clinicians can observe their patients’ movement in real-time via the intuitive and easy-to-use monitoring screen


The algorithm can be adjusted to send out a greater or smaller number of alarms based on an individual patient risk


Handheld devices can be included enabling clinicians to be fully observant without the need to be present at the monitoring screen


The thermal imaging equipment does not infringe on patient confidentiality and only a pictorial representation is shown via the monitoring screen leading to a non-intrusive preventative solution.

System to Avoid Fall Events

SAFE is a Falls Detection and Prevention system developed by Rinicare
which gives clinicians advanced warning when a patient is at risk of falling.

A Detection and Prevention System

It uses a thermal imaging sensor and intelligent algorithms to detect the potential risk level of a patient’s position in a bed. If system deems a patient to be at risk it sends out an alert to nearby clinicians instantly alerting them to a possible fall. In effect, increases a clinician’s field of view and enables them to monitor a patient’s risk of falling even when they are not present in the room.

Creating a safe Environment

The SAFE Smart Surveillance Unit (SSU) is placed on the ceiling above the bed of a patient, where the system monitors the patient’s position within the bed by cross-referencing it with predefined classifications - this information is then transmitted instantly to all relevant persons in real-time. To further increase system usability, portable handheld devices are included which enable the clinician to move freely around the environment whilst keeping in touch with patient movements. System also generates an incident log which allows clinicians to investigate historical issues and create an audit trail should there ever be a falls-related issue. SAFE is the helping hand that both clinicians and patients need to reduce falls from beds in an in-patient setting.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art thermal imaging camera
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Customisable alarms
  • Handheld portable devices
  • Individual incident log

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