The Completely Portable Solution for Vital Sign Monitoring


A completely wireless system consisting of high quality Bluetooth sensors and state-of-the-art tablet stored in a lightweight and durable protective carry case


Following a simple log-in procedure, the user can immediately start visualising and recording important vital sign data within seconds


Capturing the raw data from source means that there can be no possible record keeping errors


Capable of being an essential tool for clinicians, medical researchers, first responders and many more users

Pre-Hospital Information and Monitoring E-System

Designed by Rinicare with the input of active clinicians,
PRIME makes vital sign monitoring and data analysis
more efficient and effective than ever before.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.

The PRIME system continuously displays vital sign data from a suite of wireless sensors in real-time allowing users to quickly and accurately evaluate patient conditions resulting in a more complete diagnosis and, ultimately, better patient care. Due to the portable nature of the system, PRIME can be deployed anywhere in the world allowing the user unparalleled capabilities for real time monitoring, data collection and data analysis.

The Complete Solution

PRIME also includes an e-form that records all the vital sign data and produces a report for documentation purposes. By capturing all the raw data at source, PRIME removes the possibility of erroneous record keeping and also makes the entire process of data collection faster and more precise. PRIME is the only choice for portable, efficient and accurate vital sign monitoring.






Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art Windows tablet (Optional)
  • A gold-standard 12 lead ECG
  • A wireless stethoscope
  • A wireless blood pressure cuff
  • A wireless pulse oximeter
  • A wireless ¬†thermometer
  • A lightweight and durable protective carry case
  • Real-time waveform display
  • Detailed recording and reporting inc. multimedia such as images, videos and audio files








Product Brochure

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