Portable Vital Sign Monitoring on Your Own Device

Internet of Things

A completely wireless system consisting of high quality Bluetooth sensors and state-of-the-art PRIME IoT hub which transmits data to any connected, compatible device


Following a simple log-in procedure, the user can immediately start visualising and recording important vital sign monitoring data within seconds. PRIME IoT is also integrated with EMIS allowing for a seamless transition of data


Capturing the raw data from source means that there can be no possible record keeping errors


Capable of being an essential tool for clinicians, researchers, first responders and many more users

Pre-Hospital Information and Monitoring E-System + Internet of Things

PRIME IoT system connects a suite of market-leading wireless sensors to the PRIME IoT hub which re-submits this data to any connected device – this could be the user’s own phone, tablet or any other compatible device. The result is the visualisation of real-time monitoring data on a device that the user already owns and is comfortable using. PRIME IoT comes complete with both session and patient management functions enabling the user to store vital sign data as well as other clinical information. 

Big Results From a Small Hub

The PRIME IoT hub is an exceptional device. Combining the processing power and the connectivity of a much larger, more conventional system and the compact size of a customer-focused innovation, the PRIME IoT hub makes vital sign monitoring more accessible than ever before. Great battery life, easy-to-use Rinicare App and a lightweight carry case all add to PRIME IoT’s appeal and increased scope for remote care and data collection.  PRIME IoT is also fully integrated with EMIS allowing for captured data to be seamlessly transitioned into the patient record system. If required, the PRIME IoT system can be connected to an external database for greater transparency and information acquisition.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art PRIME IoT Hub
  • A gold-standard 12 lead ECG
  • A wireless blood pressure cuff
  • A wireless pulse oximeter
  • A wireless thermometer
  • Full EMIS integration
  • A lightweight and durable protective carry case

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