Research and Development

Rinicare PRIME (Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system)

INNOVATE UK - PRIME (January 2014 – February 2014) and PRIME-II (January 2016 – August 2017)

Rinicare's Pre-hospital Information and Monitoring E-system (PRIME) proposed to develop a mobile health information and monitoring platform aimed at optimising patient pathways in pre-hospital healthcare. PRIME's Development of Prototype designed and implemented intuitive and rich patient electronic forms (eForms) that integrated real-time continuous recordings of patients' vital signs and multimedia (written and audio notes, images and high-definition video), considered NHS requirements and the paramedics' mobile environment, procedures and workflow. PRIME eForms could be seamlessly shared with remote specialists (telehealth) to assist early and accurate assessment of patients' condition and the provision of treatment advice to paramedics on site and in the ambulance. PRIME innovation impacted pre-hospital healthcare on the ability to sustainably develop ambulance services and their increasingly active role in healthcare, improve patient satisfaction as well as the NHS' new competitive nature, cost savings efforts, paperless approach and integrated care vision, in the name of quality and excellence in healthcare delivery.

PRIME as a product is customisable. The device PRIME is implemented on is also flexible. The original PRIME was built around a medical grade tablet, however later versions are to include a PRIME hub which can intereact with compatible devices. The main benefits of PRIME can be listed as follows: completely wireless sensor suite, continuous monitoring of vital signs, storage and transfer of all data, enriched digital patient forms, high-definition multimedia, remote access to real-time data, early recognition. The markets in which PRIME have been considered vary and currently include: major incidents/events, GP and nursing homes, hospital outreach services, commercial travel, military services. 

PRIME was trialed at University South Manchester Hospital in October 2015. Working with Manchester Hospital, Rinicare was been granted access to carry out clinical trials of PRIME in a ward based environment. PRIME was utilised alongside existing systems to test accuracy and prove the concept and benefits a system like PRIME can provide through continuous monitoring. 

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