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System to Avoid Fall Events

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The Rinicare SAFE system is a fall detection and prevention system that uses a thermal imaging sensor and proprietary analytics algorithms to detect the potential risk level of a patient’s position in a bed, and it sends out an alert to nearby clinicians if the patient’s position is identified as high risk of resulting in a fall or an uncontrolled bed-exit. The sensor is placed on the ceiling above the bed of a patient, where the system monitors the patient’s position within the bed by identifying each position in relation to predefined position classifications. Each classification is assigned a risk level by the attending clinician based on the patient’s individual fall risk assessment to avoid false alarms.

The SAFE system is operated through a user-friendly interface that can be accessed from any Internet connected web-browser using a secure login. The graphical user interface only requires a few clicks from the clinicians to operate, and it provides a real-time overview of each patients’ currently identified position and the risk level associated with that position.

The SAFE system uses low resolution thermal images for monitoring to protect the privacy of both the patients and the clinicians. The thermal imaging also allows for non-invasive 24/7 monitoring of patient.

SAFE is a self-sustaining closed-loop system that does not record any sensitive patient information, and it is easy to integrate as it does not require access to existing hospital IT infrastructure. It is simply attached to the ceiling like an ordinary smoke alarm.

While SAFE is currently a bed monitoring system Rinicare is developing the system and technology to monitor patients in both bathrooms and in chairs, which are areas where a high number of patient falls occur.

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