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Why choose Rinicare?

Rinicare is a market leader in healthcare innovation. Rinicare has expertise across a number of areas including wireless communications, computer vision and artificial intelligence – which are combined to create solutions with real benefits for both healthcare providers and patients.
Rinicare’s solutions are designed with the input of active clinicians which leads to the development of relevant and user-friendly innovations with the aims of improving patient outcomes and relieving the strain on healthcare providers.

Rinicare understands that digital innovation is the key to providing cost-effective, efficient and sustainable healthcare in the modern world.

Why do we talk about solutions and not products?

The difference between a solution and a product embodies how Rinicare treats its customers and the challenges they face.

A product can be a limited and defined response to a linear problem. A solution, however, properly understands the issue and seeks to address this in a unique and dynamic way. Rinicare’s solutions cut right to the core of modern healthcare challenges and seeks to answer these in the most comprehensive and bespoke manner possible. The input of active clinicians, the foundations of research and development, the innovative designs and the rigorous testing procedures all combine to provide the customer with a unique solution – suitable for their needs and the requirements of their patients.

Why is our research important?

In order to provide clinicians and patients with the solutions ready for the 21st century, Rinicare invests a significant amount of resource into research and development. Rinicare’s efforts in R&D form the foundations on which its innovative solutions are built.

Modern healthcare providers rightly require substantial evidence before engaging with new solutions so Rinicare continues to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature of modern healthcare challenges.

What is Rinicare’s plan for the future?

Rinicare will pursue greater innovations in the healthcare market which a strong focus on intelligent solutions aimed at revolutionising patient care. Rinicare will continue to combine the characteristics of their core strengths in wireless communications, computer vision and artificial intelligence to help clinicians provide exceptional healthcare.