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Positive ORCHA baseline review for Rinicare products

Rinicare’s SAFE and STABILITY solutions achieve positive ORCHA reviews

Rinicare has announced positive ORCHA baseline review (OBR) scores for three of its solutions: SAFE for falls reduction, and the first two clinical modules of STABILITY, its clinical risk web-based platform for cardiac intensive care units. STABILITY UO and STABILITY AF are designed to provide early warning of pending Acute Kidney Injury and Atrial Fibrillation respectively, following cardiac surgery.

This also means that all three solutions are now available to the NHS directly via the popular LPP framework, the London Procurement Partnership.

ORCHA’s OBR assessment looks at a digital health technology’s nature and purpose, and identifies which of the 350+ criteria points it meets across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility. The review comprises nationally recognised digital health standards and regulations, and now includes an adapted version of the NICE Evidence Standards Framework. ORCHA’s algorithm looks at how appropriately the technology meets the relevant and compulsory standards, producing an objective and independent score.

You can find out more about ORCHA’s work in this video.


Dr Anthony Holmes, Managing Director for Rinicare, commented, “These positive ORCHA scores are great news for us, and even better news for providers and patients. They provide independent assurance that Rinicare’s digital health solutions can be trusted, and achieving this milestone is an important part of our journey towards improving patient care.”