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Rinicare’s PRIME Hub Achieves CE Marking

Rinicare’s proprietary PRIME hub has achieved it’s CE mark ensuring full compliance with health, safety and environmental protection measures.

The team at Rinicare have worked tirelessly to achieve this accreditation and it now enables PRIME to be adopted by all within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Rinicare’s PRIME is a fully wireless, remote monitoring solution designed to visualise, transmit, assess and store patient vital signs. By connecting a suite of wireless sensors to the PRIME hub, the user can then link to the system with the associated app on any suitable smart device. PRIME also dynamically calculates the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) using the vital signs submitted which allows for easy onsite or remote assessment. Finally, Rinicare’s PRIME also connects to the relevant and widely used electronic patient record systems of EMIS and TPP’s SystmOne.

Rinicare’s PRIME is currently being assessed by a number of NHS institutions as well as being deployed internationally with various healthcare providers around the globe.