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Healthcare Solutions

Our Healthcare Solutions

With advances in technology constantly changing the way healthcare is practised, we ensure a flexible approach, creating bespoke solutions that fulfil our customer’s needs. In collaboration with our partners, we aim to design and provide enhanced software and technology solutions, for today’s healthcare needs as well as remaining adaptable to those of the future.

Remote Monitoring

The Completely Portable Solution for Vital Sign Monitoring

By utilising the latest technology, Rinicare offers clinicians the ability to remotely assess patients in a more intuitive and efficient manner. By creating a digital link between patient and carer, it enables clinicians to support a wide variety of patient types in a modern and efficient way.

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Falls Prevention

A Revolutionary Fall Alert System

Our innovative solution has been designed and developed to aid healthcare providers in managing and regulating the risk of a patient falling, with the potential to reduce or even prevent these events from occurring.

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