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Falls Prevention

SAFE™ is Rinicare’s patented and innovative ambient intelligence solution to support healthcare providers with their falls prevention strategies. Initially designed for use in Care Home environments, SAFE also has potential for use in domestic and secondary care settings.

The SAFE system uses a low-resolution thermal imaging sensor mounted in a small enclosure on the ceiling above the patient’s bed to monitor patient behaviour in light or dark. The SAFE system has an embedded processor that use an analytics algorithm to identify certain patient behaviours that are associated with situations that have a high risk of resulting in a fall, such as when a patient is lying close to either edge of the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed from a lying position, standing, or even having fallen to the floor.

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The SAFE system communicates the observation of the patient’s position to the care staff, who can then take the appropriate pre-emptive actions to prevent the patient from falling. To protect patient dignity, SAFE is a completely closed system and only presents bed position icons to the Care Team.

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