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Remote Monitoring

PRIME™ is a completely portable hospital-grade solution for continuous vital signs monitoring. The completely wireless PRIME system consists of high-quality Bluetooth sensors and a PRIME IoT hub.

The Complete Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring

The range of modular tools includes SpO2 Pulse Oximeter, Tympanic Thermometer, Blood pressure monitor and 12-lead ECG. Sensor readings are automatically transferred to the PRIME IoT hub and immediately available on our phone app or web-enabled device. They can also be transferred directly into the patient’s primary care record in EMIS Web or TPP SystmOne for remote GP review.

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The Only Choice for Portable, Efficient and Accurate Vital Sign Monitoring

Designed by clinicians, PRIME makes wireless patient monitoring and data analysis more efficient and effective than ever before, particularly in a remote setting such as at home or in a Care Home. As part of the STABILITY portfolio, the data collected by PRIME could be used to model the onset of patient deterioration. Clinicians can access a complete range of real-time vital signs data that is accurate and consistent. PRIME unlocks unparalleled capabilities for real time monitoring, data collection and data analysis.

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