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Multi-WAN Bonding Router

RiniNet is a client-server software designed to provide organisations with a single virtual network channel.


The Rinicare RiniNet provides stable data transmission and Internet access anywhere at the highest possible speed on multiple network channels.

The user will always be online even if a network channel fails. It provides an ultra-high speed connection for downloading and uploading content, and there is no difference in work whether the device is in motion or static.

The RiniNet minimises packet losses through unstable channels during transmission by consolidating the performance of multiple network channels. It also provides stabilisation of delays in the channels by maximising throughput.

It is an inherently modular design that allows for incredible flexible topology.

Key Features of RiniNet

  • Multi-WAN bonding solution
  • Enhanced 3G/4G coverage and connectivity
  • Compact form factor
  • Layer 2/3 features
  • Powerful fleet management software
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